Ms. Marvel Among 3 New Disney+ Marvel Series Announced

With all of the Marvel Studios series already announced for Disney+, it was easy to assume that is all that we would be getting for now. That assumption was wrong. This weekend at the D23 Expo, three more shows were announced and all featuring characters we have yet to see in the MCU.

The one we seem to have the most info about is Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan will see her story brought to the screen for the first time in live action on the new streaming service. The Hollywood Reporter also adds that Bisha K. Ali will write the series and serve as showrunner. Ms. Marvel has been prominently featured in the animated Marvel Rising movies recently. No word on if any of those characters would appear in this new series, but I’m definitely hoping for at least one episode with Squirrel Girl.

We know a bit less about the other two series, but the excitement from fans is off the charts. After years of speculation that he would be getting his own Netflix series, Moon Knight will instead come to Disney+. The character has multiple personalities, and might be one of the darkest characters in Marvel’s roster. With Kit Harrington reportedly joining Marvel Studios, some fans are speculating that he would play Moon Knight, with others pointing to Keanu Reeves. To me, the choice of writer and showrunner might be the biggest key to this show’s success.

Finally, we will also be getting a She-Hulk series. Since her origin is tied to Bruce Banner, it will be interesting to see it Mark Ruffalo will make an appearance on the show or merely be alluded to. Her last TV appearance was also in the animated world in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. You might remember that I speculated that a She-Hulk series might be in the works, but as the mysterious female led Marvel project at ABC. I have a feeling that Disney+ will be a much better home.

No release dates were given, but being part of Phase 4, we should see them all by 2022 at the latest. Which one are you looking forward to the most?

Photo Credits: Disney/Marvel