D23 Expo 2019: Black Panther 2 Release & Eternals Casting News

After all of the great TV announcements at D23, it was time for Marvel Studios to talk about the big screen. Not only did they add to the star power of the Eternals movie, but we also found out when we will be headed back to Wakanda.

Eternals brought out their cast, and even gave attendees a glimpse at what each character would look like. Here is a quick video:

Not only that, but remember those Kit Harrington rumors? Well he will be playing Dane Whitman in the movie, better known as Black Knight. He will be reunited with fellow Game of Thrones cast member Richard Madden, who played his brother Rob. Madden will play Icarus in Eternals. The movie hits theaters on November 6, 2020.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a couple of more years after that before returning to Wakanda. It was also announced that Black Panther 2 would be coming out on May 6, 2022. Ryan Coogler will return, and was on stage for the announcement.

Coogler Did say that they were hard at work on the villain for the upcoming sequel. The way I see it, Marvel has a little over a year to figure out the movie rights to Namor. I’m really hoping we get to see that battle between Wakanda and the Atlanteans. I’m not saying that there are no other good choices, but for my money, that would be the most epic. So if not Namor, who do you choose?

We will keep you posted on any more D23 developments.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios/Disney