Marvel Releases A Trailer For The New ‘X-Men #1’

It feels like the X-Men have been rebooted so many times, it might be time to call tech support. I’m sure Marvel Comics fans are hoping that this is the one that sticks. The publisher has released a trailer for X-Men #1. You can see it here:

Spawning from the pages of Jonathan Hickman’s recent mutant stories, here is the synopsis: The island nation of Krakoa is firmly established, and the X-Men are finally free to truly forge their own path in the world. All mutants are living under one flag – and any of them can be called upon to be an X-Man! With a rotating cast of characters both heroic and villainous, mainstays, fan-favorites, and obscurities alike will all have their chance to shine!

Hickman is joined by artist Leinil Francis Yu. X-Men #1 is available today. Check back for our full review.

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics