Krypton Season 2: New Trailer, Poster & Release Date

One of my favorite surprises of 2018 was how good the first season of Krypton was. Syfy put together a very good story, had some nods to cannon, political intrigue and a massive reveal in the Season 1 finale. So when will it be time to kneel before Zod?

The wait is almost over! First, let’s take a look at the new trailer:

We finally get a look at Lobo in action, and don’t forget that Brainiac still has to be dealt with. Did I mention Doomsday, too? I’m not sure how Lobo will fit into the mix, but everything else has made sense up to this point, so I’m all about it. Best guess, he’s going to be hunting down Seg for a hefty bounty from Zod. He can’t stay in the Phantom Zone forever, right? Or is it possible that Lobo could HELP Seg!? Nothing would surprise me with this show.

Even better news? The new season will premiere on Syfy June 12th!

What do you hope to see on Krypton this season?

(Photo credit: Syfy)