Boom! Studios’ Mouse Guard Movie Production Halted By Disney

The Black Axe has apparently fallen on the 20th Century Fox adaptation of Mouse Guard from Boom! Studios.  According to a report from Deadline, production has been stopped on the upcoming movie just two weeks before it's start date.  Seems like there might only be room for one mouse in the house, if that's the case.  Keep in mind that this deal was made prior to there even being discussions about Disney acquiring 20th Century Fox.

What's curious here is, there was quite an impressive list of names attached to the project.  You had Idris Elba, Andy Serkis, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Sonoya Mizuno as your stars, along with Matt Reeves as your producer.  It almost seems like that's the kind of talent would have chosen had they decided to make these decisions themselves. The story from Deadline seems to imply that Disney felt that the project just wasn't the right fit.  It's hard to know if they had read a script or met with anyone who was going to be part of the production before making this decision.  Still, if it was a project that they believed in, you'd think they would have tried to make some changes.  You don't see Disney dropping any planned Avatar sequels or Kingsman for that matter.

On the off chance that you don't know what the story is about, Boom! Studios describes the book that they published several volumes of this way:

Mice struggle to live safely and prosper amongst harsh conditions and a host of predators. Thus, the Mouse Guard was formed. More than just soldiers that fight off intruders, they are guides for common mice looking to journey without confrontation from one hidden village to another.

So what's next?  Essentially the film is now up for grabs and could go elsewhere.  The question now becomes, will this movie actually make it's way to the big screen?  Could we see this now turned in to a TV series?  Will anyone signed on to the project now drop out because of these circumstanes?  It seems very doom and gloom right now, but this is a property that would work very well if adapted properly.  I have to think that someone will pick it up.  WHO picks it up could go a long way in determining what things will look like for Mouse Guard in the aftermath of this decision.

What do you think of Mouse Guard being dropped by Disney?

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