Katie Cassidy Talks About ‘Agent Game’, An ‘Arrow’ Reunion & More (INTERVIEW)

We're used to seeing Katie Cassidy as Black Canary and Black Siren from Arrow.  Now we get to see her in a different role in Agent Game from Lionsgate and Saban Film.  So how does her new character of Miller compare to Black Siren?  I asked her about that and much more when I talked to her about the film.

She'll also talk about doing her own stunts and even an Arrow reunion that she had on set.  Hit play to go right to the interview from our podcast, and you can also watch the video on YouTube.

Agent Game is available in theaters for a limited time.  You can also see it on demand and on DigitalHD wherever you get your movies.  Be sure to also hear our interview with her co-star, Adan Canto.

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