Adan Canto Talks About The Big Action Of ‘Agent Game’ (INTERVIEW)

Do your job and don't ask questions.  That's one of the things that Kavinsky and his team are asked to do in the action thriller, Agent Game.  So who can you trust and what was it like being part of such an all star cast?  Adan Canto joined me on Episode 413 of our podcast to talk about that and much more.  You definitely don't want to miss what he says about his stunt work.

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Canto can also be seen in Fox's The Cleaning Lady, which was just picked up for a second season.  Agent Game is available in theaters for a limited time.  You can also watch on demand or on DigitalHD wherever you get your movies.  Be sure to also listen to our interview with one of the other stars of the film, Katie Cassidy!

Photo Credit: Lionsgate/Saban Films (Screenshot from clip provided to us.)