James Gunn Reveals ‘The Suicide Squad’ Cast (But How Long Will They Last?)

If you thought the last Suicide Squad movie was star studded, James Gunn says, “hold my beer.” The director took to Twitter today to reveal who will be joining the upcoming movie, which apparently will be called The Suicide Squad. Check it out:

Fans of Guardians of the Galaxy will immediately see Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn jump right out at them. This also confirms Margot Robbie’s return, as well as Pete Davidson’s involvement. John Cena is a name we have certainly seen attached to DC movies before, so it will be interesting to see what his role might be.

If you see the caption though, apparently we shouldn’t get too attached to any of these names. It seems as though some of them might be killed off just as quickly as they appear on this list. It did happen in the last Suicide Squad movie after all. We do know SOME of the characters that some of these actors will be playing, but still a lot of mystery. So, let the speculation begin!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/James Gunn