Skybound & Spin Master Team For A ‘Super Dinosaur’ Series

The Paw Patrol isn’t the only thing that could be on a roll here shortly. Spin Master, the company behind that and many other children’s animated series, are now teaming with Skybound and the creator of The Walking Dead. Instead of zombies, we’re talking dinosaurs.

Super Dinosaur from Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard is headed to Amazon Prime Video for an animated series. Perhaps more surprising is, it’s coming in October 6th with 13 episodes. Talk about not wasting any time! In a statement, Kirman said, “Jason Howard and I created Super Dinosaur as something all kids would enjoy as much as our own kids do. In doing so we were able to craft a world as immersive and engaging as the world of The Walking Dead… but for kids! Our partners at Spin Master have helped Skybound prepare this world for a mass-audience and I’m so happy this series has landed at Amazon where I know it will thrive.”

Super Dinosaur follows 10-year-old genius Derek Dynamo and his T-Rex best friend Super Dinosaur as they protect the planet against evil. The series is produced by Spin Master Entertainment and Skybound North/Wind Sun Sky, the Vancouver-based division of Skybound. Season one previously aired on Teletoon in Canada. It should be noted that Spin Master is a Canadian based company, and some shows will debut there first.

It should be no surprise that Skybound and Spin Master will also launch a toy line featuring key characters from the world of Super Dinosaur this fall, available on Amazon in the US and exclusively at Toys ‘R Us in Canada. I can’t even quantify how many Paw Patrol toys my son has at my house. Remember the Hatchimals holiday craze? Yep, that was Spin Master too. Whether it’s toys, TV or both, Spin Master is a good partner to have.

Photo Credit: Skybound/Spin Master