‘In From The Cold’ Star Lola Mae Loughran Talks Maddie & Becca, Skating Pains & Season 2 Possibilities

Get ready to have a whole new respect for Olympic figure skaters and sleeper agents.  In From The Cold is the first runaway hit of 2022 from Netflix, so of course I'm still talking about it.  Lola Mae Loughran, who plays Maddie on the series, chatted with me about the first season and even what she hopes to see from a possible second season.

You can watch the video or hear the audio from Episode 405 of our podcast:

She talks about playing Maddie on the show, the relationship with Becca, learning to skate on the fly and much more. Plus, you won't believe what special skill she's hoping to display in a possible second season! WATCH IN FROM THE COLD, NOW STREAMING ON NETFLIX!

If you haven't started streaming it yet, you can watch In From The Cold here.

Poster Photo Credit: Netflix