‘Harbinger’ Adaptation Lands ‘Maze Runner’ Trilogy Director

When Bloodshot was finally released a couple of years ago, it was a big moment for Valiant fans. The publisher, with a rich catalogue of characters, finally got to see one of their characters in a big budget film. Whether or not the movie was viewed as a success, it was a step in the right direction. Now, it’s time for one of the most popular stories and group of characters to get their shot.

Harbinger is set to be the next adaptation, which will be done by Paramount Pictures. The film was originally in development from Sony, and things have been quiet during the transition, until now. Deadline reports that Wes Ball is now attached to direct the upcoming adaptation.

Ball is perhaps best known recently for his work on The Maze Runner trilogy. That makes sense, since Ball’s Oddball Productions has a first look deal with Paramount. He’ll be joined by fellow producer Joe Hartwick Jr. for Oddball, Neal Moritz and Toby Jaffe for Original Film and Dan Mintz for Valiant Entertainment. Andrew Lanham will script the adaptation

If you’re not familiar with Harbinger, think X-Men and throw in an evil corporation. Peter Stanchek is a psionically powered teenager with very strong powers. He is manipulated by the powerful and influential Toyo Harada, who tries to exploit these powered teens for the gain of his Harbinger Foundation. We see many allies and adversaries along the way. Trust me no Valiant series has had more spinoff success than Harbinger.

There is no word on casting just yet. Dylan O’Brien was apparently in talks early on. Could the addition of his former director help to sway him to finally sign on? Keep checking for updates and casting news.

Photo Credit: Valiant Entertainment