Image Comics Reveals What ‘Crossover’ Will Be

When Image Comics started teasing a book called Crossover, that led to a lot of speculation. Could their be a massive story of Image characters coming? Could they be prepping a major work with another publisher? The answer ends up being something that feels incredibly ambitious from a superstar creative team.

As revealed at Comic-Con@Home, Crossover will join the creative teams from God Country and Redneck. The means writer Donny Cates will be joined to Geoff Shaw, Dee Cunniffe and John J. Hill in what is described as a “genre defying series”. One look at the synopsis might make your head spin with possibilities.

“What if a comic book summer event generated so much energy, broke down so many barriers, and upended so many expectations that the sheer critical mass of the moment blew open a portal into our world? Imagine if everything you thought was fantasy…was real. Now join us on an epic quest through a world where reality is dead… and anything is possible…”

Could this be that story that opens up said portal? I mean, it’s 2020, if there was any year this could actually happen, it’s this one. Of course, we will have to wait until November to find out. That’s when the first issue of Crossover will be able at your local comic book shops and digital retailers.

Head over to our social media pages to get a look at some of the preview pages. Keep checking back for updates and our review.

Photo Credit: Image Comics