Image Comics Releases A Live Action Trailer For ‘Mercy’ Comic

Comic book trailers have become more and more of a thing lately.  Not only do I love it, I applaud it.  This time, Image Comics decided to take it to another level.  Not only did they give Marika Andolfo's Mercy a trailer, they gave it a live action trailer.  See for yourself:

The trailer actually premiered at NYCC 2019, and really gives us a great visual of what we can expect from this story. The video trailer, a short movie titled A Night Out, produced by Arancia Studio and Grey Ladder with Dimago, features a seductive voice over narrative as the Lady Hellaine hunts for her dinner prey.

As far as a synopsis, the story is set in the fictional small town of Woodsburgh during the Klondike Gold Rush, Mercy introduces main character Lady Hellaine—an “inhuman” woman—who is always seen with her butler, Mr. Goodwill...

The series will launch first in Italy from Panini this November, followed by 2020 releases in France from Glénat and in the United States in March of 2020 from Image Comics.  If you want even more information right now, go to

Photo Credit: Image Comics