Idris Elba Will Not Play Deadshot In Suicide Squad 2. So How About Bronze Tiger?

Ever see something that you feel like is equal parts shocking and not shocking? That’s exactly how I felt when I saw this news from Variety that Idris Elba will no longer play Deadshot in Suicide Squad 2. It sounds like everyone agreed to move on from the character for the sequel. In truth, I think that everyone was pretty happy with what Will Smith brought to the role, and just didn’t want to close the door on that option. This is why, when I originally talked about the story of Smith’s exit, I didn’t think they would replace him. Fast forward past Elba’s casting, and here we are with a fresh start. So, now what?

WB has, of course, had no comment on this and what might be happening with Elba. To me, there is one very logical choice staring everyone right in the face. Idris Elba has to be playing Bronze Tiger in Suicide Squad 2. The character is no stranger to the Suicide Squad in the comics. The character even appeared in the recent Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay animated movie. We have even seen Michael Jai White’s portrayal of the character back on Arrow this season. Bottom line, WB and DC see something in this character.

Elba’s demeanor is really perfect for this character. He is very take charge and definitely commands attention. The only challenge might be the fact that the character is a master of martial arts. We’re talking Batman level good here. While Elba can certainly handle the physical nature of the role, the skill level would really have to shine through to have a true and accurate portrayal. I have no doubt that this is something that Elba could and would pick up quite easily. I think this is really a chance to take Bronze Tiger to another level. While the character might not be a household name, having someone like Elba bringing him to life could change that. Look what James Gunn did with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Do you think that we will see Idris Elba as Bronze Tiger in Suicide Squad 2? Would you choose another character? Let us know!