‘Green Lantern’ Series On HBO Max Will Feature Sinestro, Two Lanterns

Ever since it was announced that HBO Max would be the home of a live action Green Lantern series, speculation has been which Lanterns would be featured. A little light has just been shed on that, and one other major element.

At the recent TCA Winter event, HBO Max’s head of originals Sarah Aubrey, revealed a couple of rather major details on the series. The first was that the story would span decades, and feature two Lanterns on Earth. The second bit of news was that the series would also feature Sinestro. I don’t think I have to explain how important that is.

I have been saying for a while now that we will probably see Jessica Cruz in this series. The second Lantern, in my opinion, has to be either Hal Jordan or Simon Baz. The only problem with Baz is the “decades” comment that Aubrey made. Baz and Cruz were paired together in the Green Lanterns comic book series written by Sam Humphries. It was a great story, but doesn’t really fit the timeline.

Another possibility is that Sinestro himself will be one of the Green Lanterns. Remember, he was a part of the Corps at one point. Exploring that time certainly would go back decades, so the tease could be referring to that.

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Photo Credit: DC Comics