‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Adds Joanna Vanderham As A ‘Major Villain’

The crew of the Waverider returns on Monday, January 21st and it looks like they’ll be dealing with yet another “big bad”. Deadline reports that Joanna Vanderham (Warriors) has joined Season 5 as a “major villain”. We already know that Olivia Swan is set to play Astra Logue as a villain this season as well.

According to producers, Vanderham’s villain will have ties to Charlie and things will “never be the same.” The report goes on to say that the character is a “a ruthless killing machine with daggers made of bones. Wherever she goes, death follows.”

There aren’t many villains who fit that description in the DC Universe. Keep in mind that “major villain” doesn’t necessarily mean well known either. Legends has never been afraid to go deep into the catalogue of characters and come out with gold. My first thought was Mister Bones and they would just change the gender of the role. A character with super strength and toxic sweat seems perfect for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Something tells me that won’t be the choice, but I am curious to see what happens.

You can also see the new poster for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow above.

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