‘Godzilla vs Kong’, ‘The Suicide Squad’ & More Footage Teased By HBO Max

There has been a lot of talk, and a lot of strong opinions, about Warner Bros. and their same day HBO Max/theatrical release model. Lost in all of that is, there are a lot of exciting movies coming in 2021 just from WB alone. Why not celebrate that?

HBO Max gave us a taste of that today with a tease at several of those upcoming releases. Look fast, because they’re very quick:

From what I saw, we got to see brief snippets of The Suicide Squad, Mortal Kombat, Tom & Jerry, Dune, Space Jam and a few others. Sure they were small pieces of a larger project, but still, it’s hard not to be excited about new footage. The good news actually started yesterday.

Several reports noted that, after a deal between WB and Legendary, Godzilla vs Kong actually had it’s release date moved up to March 26th of this year. Negotiations seem to still be ongoing regarding Dune, but that won’t release until the latter part of 2021. By then, fingers crossed, the world will be very different place safety wise.

So let’s just set aside the controversy for a moment. Which one of these films are you the most excited for?

Photo Credit: Mark Rogers/Warner Bros. Entertainment