‘Prodigal Son’: Frank Harts Talks About JT’s Horrifying Story In Season 2 (AUDIO)

Last year when we had Frank Harts on our podcast talk about Prodigal Son, he talked about playing a New York cop who had to deal with the craziness of Malcolm Bright.  Well, if you watched the Season 2 premiere, you know that he is facing something much more serious this season.  Harts joined us on Episode 350 of the podcast to talk about the horrors that JT is dealing with in facing discrimination and racism on the job.

We also asked him about the relationship between JT and Malcolm now, as well as how he would react if he found out about the events of the Season 1 finale.  Listen to the interview below, pressing play will take you directly to the interview:

This episode is also available on your favorite podcast platform (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.), just search for Down And Nerdy Podcast.  Watch Prodigal Son every Tuesday at 9pm ET on Fox and on the Fox Now app.

Photo Credit: Phil Caruso/Fox