‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Delayed

One of the biggest monster clashes to ever hit the big screen will have to wait a bit longer. Deadline reports that Godzilla vs Kong from Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. has been delayed until November 20, 2020. The reason for the shift has not been given.

The original release date was March 13, 2020. I doubt they were superstitious about a Friday the 13th release date, and there is little competition in the March slot. Given the high profile characters, and the big fight feel, this could just be a way to make sure that everything comes out perfectly. We haven’t really heard anything from director Adam Wingard, but Deadline does mention a quote from Warner Bros. Studios boss Toby Emmerich about making Godzilla vs Kong an “A+ movie.”

As far as I’m concerned, take your time, get it right and we’ll all be happy. This does, however, put a little bit more pressure on if the movie isn’t received well after such a lengthy delay. I’ll choose to remain optimistic.

Photo Credit: Legendary/Warner Bros.