Female Led ‘Zorro’ Series Coming To NBC

Brace yourself, it’s reboot time again! This time, Zorro will return to the screen in a female led TV series on NBC. We have not seen the sword wielding hero in screen since 2005. A female Zorro isn’t without precident, as Dynamite Entertainment published Lady Zorro in July of 2014. So, what do we know?

According to the report from Deadline, Zorro is a modern-day retelling of the Zorro mythology that follows Z, a female descendant of the warrior bloodline who will go to great lengths to protect the defenseless in her community. Alfredo Barrios Jr. (Magnum PI) will write the series and also serve as executive producer. The series is a byproduct of a first look deal between CVS Television Studios and Propagate.

There was a time where I had hoped that Catherine Zeta Jones would take the mantle on the big screen, but that never materialized. There is no word on casting for this series, as of yet. There are also no guarantees that this series will ever see the light of day. Hear more on Episode 290 of our podcast.

Photo Credit: Dynamite Entertainment