Stephen & Robbie Amell’s ‘Code 8’ Movie Gets A New Trailer, Announces Release Details

You might be wondering how you'll fill the time during the winter break after a likely Crisis On Infinite Earths cliffhanger.  Well, Stephen and Robbie Amell might have just the thing.  In case you were unaware, the two have been in the process of making a movie since 2017.  Now, Code 8 is finally coming on December 13th.  Before we get into the details, take a look at the trailer:

Not a whole lot is known about Code 8 up until now.  Robbie Amell plays Connor Reed, a man with powers who is trying to help his sick mother, but has a run in with a militarized police force.  Stephen Amell plays Garrett, a man who ultimately leads Connor into a series of increasingly dangerous crimes.  There is a lot more to it than that, but you can see that from the trailer.

There will be a couple of different options for you to see Code 8.  The movie will be available On Demand at your  favorite digital retailer on the December 13th release date.  Stephen Amell also announced that the movie will be available in theaters in select cities.  So far that's Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, New York, Dallas and Kansas City.  More theaters are likely to be announced.

Code 8 launched a very successful crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, leading to a team-up with Vertical Entertainment.  Keep checking back for my review!

Photo Credit: Stephen Amell/Vertical Entertainment