Episode 469 – Knights of the Zodiac & FROM S2 Interviews & More

Knights of the Zodiac & FROM S2 Interviews & More

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Quick Rundown (Time are approximate due to potential ad placement.):

  • Knights of the Zodiac Cast Interviews at 2:50
  • FROM Season 2 Cast Interviews at 32:08
  • The Muppets Mayhem Review at 43:47
  • Black Knight (Netflix) Review at 49:05


It’s time to unlock your hidden power and swear to protect Athena! Knights of the Zodiac has finally come to live action and we’re talking to the biggest stars of the new movie. You’ll hear from Madison Iseman (Sienna/Athena), Mackenyu (Seiya), Mark Dacascos (Mylock) and Nick Stahl (Cassios) about adapting the fan favorite Saint Seiya story into live action for the first time. They’ll give great insight into their characters, talk about some behind the scenes details from the film and much more. SEE KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC IN THEATERS NOW FROM SONY PICTURES! Don’t worry FROMily, we didn’t forget about you! We’re back talking to the cast again this week. Avery Konrad will talk about Sara’s return to the town, how much stress that puts on Boyd and the tension that she could be met with. We also have Hannah Cheramy on the show to talk about Julie’s emotional ride this season, how she’s detailing with all of the turmoil in the family and much more. KEEP WATCHING FROM EVERY SUNDAY ON MGM+! We even managed to find time to sneak in a couple of spoiler free reviews. Find out what we thought of The Muppets Mayhem series from Disney+ and the dystopian sci-fi series Black Knight from Netflix. So yeah, we’ve pretty much set up your binge watching obsessions for the weekend.