Episode 468 – One Ranger, FROM, The Big Door Prize Interview & Star Wars Reviews

One Ranger, FROM, The Big Door Prize Interview & Star Wars Reviews

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Quick Rundown (Time are approximate due to potential ad placement.):

  • One Ranger Interview at 2:32
  • FROM Season 2 Interview at 13:46
  • The Big Door Prize Interviews Interview at 21:55
  • Star Wars Visions Vol. 2 Review at 32:37
  • Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Review at 41:21
  • WGA Strike Impacts Talk at 47:26
  • Dune: Part Two Trailer Talk at 51:25
  • Mortal Kombat 2 Johnny Cage Casting Rumor News at 54:37
  • Kevin Cosner/Yellowstone News at 56:07


It’s Revenge of the 5th and there’s plenty of revenge to start our show! Dean Jagger joins us to talk about the action packed movie, One Ranger from Lionsgate. He’ll tell us all about the villainous Declan, how he ended up in Texas, working opposite Thomas Jane and MUCH more! SEE ONE RANGER IN THEATERS OR ON DEMAND NOW! We also continue our series of interviews from the MGM+ series from by taking a ride on the bus. Nathan D. Simmons joins us to talk about playing Elgin on the series. You know we had to ask him about those visions, how Elgin knew so much about where they were going and if we could possibly see him forming some bonds in the town any time soon. WATCH FROM EVERY SUNDAY ON MGM+! The Big Door Prize Season 1 finale is also quickly approaching, so we catch up with Djouliet Amara (Trina) and Sammy Fourlas (Jacob) to talk about the events leading up to it. We talk a lot about why fans love Trina and Jacob so much, where that relationship stands, thoughts about the Morpho and Izzy’s recent game-changing reveal. WATCH THE TWO PART FINALE OF THE BIG DOOR PRIZE BEGINNING WEDNESDAY ON APPLE TV+! Did you really think we forgot about Star Wars? We review both Star Wars Visions Volume 2 AND Young Jedi Adventures. We’ll also talk about the WGA strike impacts, the Dune: Part Two trailer, a surprise candidate to play Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 2 and Kevin Cosner official leaving Yellowstone. How did we pack so much into one hour!? Find out!