Episode 417 – Bosch: Legacy Cast Interviews

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Quick Rundown (Time are approximate due to potential ad placement.):

  • Titus Welliver, Mimi Rogers & Madison Lintz Interview at 1:39
  • Marvel's Moon Knight Season 1 Finale Review at 24:55
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Premiere Review at 34:41
  • Batman: Unburied Premiere Review at 41:08
  • Constantine - The House of Mystery Review at 45:46
  • AF Steadman Interview at 51:38

Description: It's a new era for Bosch fans! The brand new spinoff series, Bosch: Legacy is now streaming on Amazon Freevee, and we're giving you a deep dive with the biggest stars from the show. Hear our full interview with Titus Welliver (Harry Bosch), Mimi Rogers (Honey Chandler) and Madison Lintz (Maddie Bosch) where they talk about continuing their character's story with a new vibe. They also talk about the lingering trauma from the Bosch finale, the new cases and investigations that they will be a part of, Maddie's journey into the police department and much more. Plus, we'll find out who they say has the toughest storyline this season. WATCH BOSCH: LEGACY NOW STREAMING ON AMAZON FREEVEE!Who is the next JK Rowling? It might just be A.F. Steadman, and we're talking to the author about her brand new book, Skandar and the Unicorn Thief. Find out more about the world she has created, her different spin on unicorns and the journey she takes her young characters on this season. We also talk about her decision to add a mNo big Nerd News this week, so we're going heavy on the reviews. Hear us talk about the Moon Knight series/season finale and what the future of the show might be. We also review the premiere of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the new DC scripted podcast series Batman: Unburied and the new DC animated release Constantine: The House of Mystery.ap to the beginning of the book and why she's always been suspicious of unicorns. SKANDAR AND THE UNICORN THIEF IS NOW AVAILABLE WHEREVER BOOKS ARE SOLD!