‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Teaser & Release Date Revealed

This past week was the Netflix Is A Joke festival. You might not have expected that to be the source of Cobra Kai news, but here we are. At the Cobra Kai: Live & Bad Ass event in Los Angeles, the cast and producers revealed both the release date for Season 5 and a teaser trailer.

Not only do we see Terry Silver live up to his promises to expand Cobra Kai, we get to see the new journey begin for Johnny and Robbie. That leaves Daniel and Chozen behind to deal with Silver and the expanding Cobra Kai army. This might be the most ambitious season of Cobra Kai yet.

Season 5 of Cobra Kai begins September 9th on Netflix. You can refresh your memory on the first four seasons at http://www.netflix.com/CobraKai. There will be plenty more updates coming, so keep en eye/ear out for our continuing coverage.

Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix