Episode 344 – Jupiter Jet: Jason Inman & Ashley V. Robinson Interview

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We were definitely in a hurry to watch Run on Hulu!  Was it any good?  Hear our review, with minor spoilers.


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Nerd News

  • That Costume Is Fire - We talk about Anna Diop's new look for Season 3 of Titans.
  • Gone Like Lightning - China Anne McClain announces a limited role in Black Lightning's final season.
  • Ain't Mads At It - Fantastic Beasts 3 officially replaces Johnny Depp as Grindelwald.
  • Joss'd Out - Joss Whedon leaves The Nevers and you won't believe the reason why.

Feature Interview

What's better for Thanksgiving weekend than a jet setting adventure? Jupiter Jet & The Forgotten Radio has arrived, and we couldn't wait to talk to Jason Inman and Ashley V. Robinson about it! Find out how Volume 2 of this story actually ended up happening, what you can expect from many of your favorite characters and a TON of teases of what might be in store for the future. Plus we talk about what the future of the comic book industry as a whole might be, and you'll definitely want to hear their thoughts. JUPITER JET & THE FORGOTTEN RADIO IS AVAILABLE NOW FROM ACTION LAB!