China Anne McClain To Appear In Limited Episodes Of ‘Black Lightning’ Season 4

There has been a lot of Black Lightning news lately. Unfortunately half of that news has been sad. Over the weekend the unfortunate news continued. Series Star China Anne McClain, who you know plays Jennifer Pierce on the show, announced that she would only be appearing in a handful of episodes this upcoming final season.

She posted a very long video on her Instagram feed on Saturday talking about her exit:

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There’s a lot to take in there. She does say that her departure doesn’t have anything to do with any tensions within the show or the network. It’s interesting to note that she found out that the series would be ending after Season 4 the same way that we did. She also goes on to confirm that she will not be a part of the upcoming Painkiller spinoff series that is planned. McClain did, however, with her co-stars the best of luck.

Apparently this was the plan for her all along for this season, regardless of it’s fate. You’ll note that McClain also seems very down about the entertainment industry in general. It sounds like she has done a lot of soul searching during quarantine. I encourage you to watch the whole video, because she explains it all in great detail.

The final season of Black Lighting begins February 8, 2021 on The CW.

Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/The CW