Episode 336 – L.A.’s Finest & Next: Ryan McPartlin & Manny Coto Interviews

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This Week In Geektainment - Interview Special

We're joined by Ryan McPartlin from L.A.'s Finest!  He talks about his impressions of Patrick McKenna, the secrets that Nancy is keeping from him and teases ahead for some possible action scenes coming up for him in the series.  Plus, we had to ask if there would be an "awesome" Chuck Easter Egg on the show!  WATCH L.A.'S FINEST EVERY MONDAY AT 8PM ON FOX!

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Nerd News

  • Ms. Unknown - Marvel casts a newcomer as Ms. Marvel.
  • This Is Only A Test - Production has shut down in Vancouver on several TV series due to COVID testing delays.
  • Trailer Talk - The Craft: Legacy
  • Conan The Streaming - The Barbarian himself is heading to Netflix.

Feature Interview

e jump to Tuesdays on Fox to talk about the new series, Next, with the show's creator Manny Coto.  Hear him talk about how the idea for the show came about, the amazing cast of characters that he has to work with and the unique threat that Next brings to the series.  Plus, with all of this crazy technology, we ask him about the most low tech part of his day.  WATCH NEXT EVERY TUESDAY AT 9PM ON FOX!