Episode 329 – Big Girls: Jason Howard Interview

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It will take us longer than five minutes, but we're sharing our review of the new Netflix movie Project Power this week. (CAUTION! CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS!)


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Nerd News

  • Say Day At WB - Several hundred employees lose their jobs in various divisions of Warner Bros.
  • Virtual Improvement? - New York Comic Con announces intent to go the streaming route this year.
  • Trailer Talk - Away, The Devil All The Time
  • Adding Feathers - Peacock announces even more original programming.

Feature Interview

This week's show is BIG! We're talking to writer and artist Jason Howard about his new book, Big Girls. Find out how he came up with the title, a more in depth look at some of the characters and how he came up with the designs for his monsters. Plus, we ask him about Super Dinosaur coming to Amazon Prime Video on October 6th. ISSUE 1 OF BIG GIRLS IS AVAILABLE NOW FROM IMAGE COMICS! ISSUE 2 WILL BE AVAILABLE ON SEPTEMBER 16TH!