Episode 325 – Netflix’s Cursed – Zetna Fuentes Interview

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Nerd News

  • Obi-Two - The Obi-Wan series on Disney+ might end up having a while lot of Anakin.
  • One Batch, Bad Batch - A new Star Wars animated series is coming to Disney+, seemingly from The Clone Wars.
  • JUST RELEASE IT! - A surprise New Mutants panel is announced for Comic-Con@Home.
  • Adam Smasher? - Another new character has been announced for the upcoming Black Adam movie.
  • Usagi Spotlight - Usagi Yojimbo will finally get it's own animated series.

Feature Interview

This week, being cursed is a good thing! We're talking to director Zetna Fuentes, who was behind the camera for the first two episodes of the Netflix series Cursed. Find out what drew her to the project, how characters like Merlin might be different than you are used to, the use of practical effects and MUCH more! STREAM ALL 10 EPISODES OF CURSED NOW ON NETFLIX!

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