Episode 322 – Doom Patrol & DC’s Stargirl: April Bowlby & Anjelika Washington Interviews

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This Week In Geektainment - Interview Special

Hear from Anjelika Washington from DC's Stargirl. She talks about Beth becoming Doctor Mid-Nite, the early dynamics of the JSA and what might happen if Beth has to get physical during some of these battles. You can also hear Anjelika talk about her community and the Black Lives Matter movement. WATCH DC'S STARGIRL EVERY MONDAY ON DC UNIVERSE AND EVERY TUESDAY ON THE CW!

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Nerd News

  • Let's Get Nuts - Michael Keaton just might return to the Batman role.
  • So Much Lucifer - Netflix shared Season 5 AND 6 news about the fan favorite series.
  • Trailer Talk - Unsolved Mysteries, Superman: Man of Tomorrow
  • Calling All Edgerunners - Cyberpunk gets an anime adaptation on Netflix.

Feature Interview

We're also talking about Doom Patrol with Rita Farr herself, April Bowlby! How is Rita doing after what happened with Chief in Season 1? What does being a hero mean to her? She talks about that and MUCH more. Plus, she talks about which character she would like to see cross over in the show at some point. DOOM PATROL SEASON 2 IS NOW AVAILABLE ON HBO MAX AND DC UNIVERSE!