Episode 314 – Spaceship Earth: Matt Wolf Interview

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  • Theater Tantrum - AMC Theaters has a major response to Universal Pictures and their VOD practices.
  • Welcome To Cybertron - A Transformers prequel might finally give us what we want.
  • No Sight For Season 4 - Don't expect any more seasons of Daredevil.
  • Bat Short - The coronavirus pandemic will shorten the first season of Batwoman
  • Trailer Talk - Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Feature Interview

Did you know that there was a different kind of quarantine in the 1990s? This week we're talking about a new documentary, Spaceship Earth, that looks at the Biosphere 2 project. Hear us talk to director Matt Wolf about what it was like to talk to those involved, any parallels that can be drawn to our current situation, the allure of John Allen and much more. Plus he'll look a the positives and negatives of the project, all these years later. Watch Spaceship Earth on May 8 on VOD wherever you get your movies.