Episode 308 – Motherland: Fort Salem – Jessica Sutton Interview

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  • PSnore Fest? - Sony reveals the specs for the PS5, but was the presentation underwhelming?
  • Trailer Talk - DC Universe's Harley Quinn Season 2
  • Back To The Deadside - The Shadowman video game is getting remastered.
  • Villain of the Sea - Dark Horse Comics announces a Disney Villains comic book series.

Feature Interview

This week, we're headed to the front lines of battle with the witches of the military! Motherland: Fort Salem has finally premiered on Freeform, and we're talking to Jessica Sutton (Tally Craven) all about it. Find out how she would describe Tally, what it was like going through those basic training scenes and some great teases for the upcoming season! WATCH MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 9PM ET ON FREEFORM!

Motherland: Fort Salem

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