Episode 271 – Blood & Treasure: Mark Gagliardi Interview

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Nerd News

  • Call Ant-Man - Paul Rudd is joining Ghostbusters 2020.
  • Open House - DC announces a new pop-up line from horror writer Joe Hill.
  • Trailer Talk - Charlie's Angels (2019), Teen Titans GO! vs Teen Titans, Carnival Row
  • Let's Get Gussier - Psych: The  Movie 2 is officially happening!

Feature Interview

This week we're on the hunt! Hear us talk to Mark Gagliardi (Father Chuck) from the CBS series, Blood & Treasure! We talk to Mark about Father Chuck's relationship with Danny, one of his favorite scenes from the show and he teases what might be in store for Father Chuck as well. Plus, did you know he was also Batman!? You'll have to listen to hear it all!

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