‘Castlevania’ Renewed For Season 4 By Netflix

It’s not a surprise, but it’s nice to get early confirmation. Netflix announced on Twitter earlier today that Castlevania will be returning for a fourth season. Better yet, it comes with a video:

It is interesting that they chose to make the announcement with Isaac. I’m sure he will be a big part of the upcoming season, but given how things ended in Season 3, I would say to expect a lot of Alucard. Maybe both? This does lend evidence to my theory that those involved with the series knew they would be coming back even when putting Season 3 together.

Obviously there was no release date attached, but we can all be hopeful for a 2021 release. It is also too soon to speculate on the episode count. I wouldn’t expect any updates for a while, but I will have them for you when they come in.

Photo Credit: Netflix