‘Castlevania’ Fourth (And Final) Season Release Date Revealed

It started with a tease and turned into a huge announcement. Let’s start with the good news. Netflix has revealed that Season 4 of Castlevania will premiere on May 13th. Here’s the teaser:

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. Deadline reports that this upcoming season will be the last for the anime sensation. Hopefully that means that Carmilla finally gets dealt with. It would be nice to see Alucard get a happy ending as well. This doesn’t look like the ultimate end to the story, however.

The report also suggests a spinoff series could be in the works, with an entirely new cast. Does this mean a new Castlevania based series, or just a connected universe. Hopefully we get those answers in this upcoming season.

It’s also worth noting that Warren Ellis, who has written the series over the previous three seasons and finished scripts for the fourth, has not been involved with the series since facing sexual misconduct allegations last summer. Ellis has denied the allegations. This does, however, mean that is is unlikely that he will serve as an executive producer for Season 4.

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Photo Credit: Netflix

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