‘Wonder Girl’ Not Picked Up By The CW

Well, that didn’t last long. It seemed like there was a lot of excitement surrounding a Wonder Girl series featuring Yara Flor. Fast forward about a month, and those hopes appear to have been dashed.

Dailyn Rodriguez, the writer and producer behind the series, took to social media to break the bad news that the series has not been picked up by The CW.

It’s difficult to speculate as to the reason for such a quick dismissal. The CW recently gave pilot orders to the DC Comics based Naomi series and a live action Powerpuff Girls. Was there just no more room in the line-up? I can’t imagine that was the case. Did they just not like the script? Seems like, given the initial hype, they would have at least done a re-write to try and make it work.

While the news isn’t good, all hope may not be lost. Remember, Warner Bros. does have HBO Max at their disposal. The Warner owned streamer could certainly take the series for itself, should they believe in the project. Of course, it could also be shopped to other networks. I will admit, I was looking forward to this one. So I’ll be keeping my eyes open for any updates.

For more info on the original plan for the series, and more about the characters, go here.

Photo Credit: DC Comics