With Lucifer Ending After Season 5, It’s Time To Re-Visit A Constantine Crossover

It was kind of a good news/bad news type of situation for Lucifans.  On one hand, you had the news that Netflix would be bringing the show back for a 5th season.  On the other hand, there was the news that Season 5 would be the show's last.  Knowledge is power in this sense I suppose, and I have no doubt that the creative minds in the Lucifer writer's room will be able to bring the show to a proper conclusion.  At the same time, you and I both know that Lucifans won't simply stay quiet and go away at that point.  The portrayal of Lucifer Morningstar from Tom Ellis can't possibly fade away at that point, can it?  Well, it might not have to.

Another character that has gained quite a following is Matt Ryan's John Constantine.  The character was first brought back in Arrow on The CW, and which recently led to a very successful run on this season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.  Ryan has also voiced the character in a couple of animated movies.  Much like Lucifer, you have to wonder what's next for John.  So I'm going to bring up a collaboration that I mentioned a little over a year ago.

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When I interviewed Matt Ryan last year I asked him about the possibility of working with Tom Ellis.  You can hear in his answer that he was not only open to that, but seemed like it was something he would love to see happen at some point.  He also mentioned the Hellblazer story, Dangerous Habits, as one of his favorite Constantine stories.  I don't want to give anything away, just in case this actually happens, but in that story John Constantine does meet Lucifer.  Granted this is a much different Lucifer than we see Tom Ellis bringing to the screen, but a loose adaptation of this storyline could really work.  I have also talked to Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson, who also couldn't rule out such a collaboration.  As Matt Ryan told us, he's learned to never say never with the character of John Constantine.

The potential snag in this possibility might not stem from what you think.  While both characters are the DC/Vertigo umbrella, the Lucifer name was a point of contention in the Dangerous Habits story.  In this story, Lucifer was referred to as the "First of the Fallen".  The reason for this was a continuity issue between Hellblazer and Neil Gaiman's Sandman.  That meant a new character would have to be created for Garth Ennis' story.  The good news is, I can't imagine that is an issue anymore.  Lucifer hasn't exactly been a series that adheres itself to comic book continuity.  DC's Legends of Tomorrow isn't the picture of continuity either, and Constantine certainly found a home there.

So, why not try to make this happen at some point?  I have no doubt that Ryan and Ellis would have an amazing chemistry on screen.  Lucifer is also no stranger to being deceived in the current series, and we certainly know that Constantine is not above creating a ploy for his own personal gain.  That is just a small fraction of the story, but there are so many possibilities.  The reason I wouldn't suggest this for Season 5 of Lucifer is that it just doesn't fit within the show's current, ongoing story.  That story needs time to be respected and concluded.  You can't simply push away what that writer's room has built in order to do something like this.  What I am suggesting is, with the knowledge that the show is entering it's final season, that now might be the perfect time to get the wheels turning on this potentially epic crossover.  Miniseries are all the rage right now anyway, why not give fans six to eight episodes that teams up two extremely well portrayed characters with two very passionate fanbases?  I don't care what network, streaming service or drive in movie theater that I would have to go to, I would be all in for this.  I'm also sure that I am not at all alone in this thinking.

Maybe you've read this far and you think I'm crazy.  You're saying to yourself that there is no way that anyone at WB, DC or anyone else would go for this live action story.  You know what, maybe you're right, but I'm not giving up just yet.  There is still another option, and this one is up to the folks at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.  What about an animated movie?  If WBHE can bring Matt Ryan back to the role of Constantine, and give the fans what they want, why couldn't Tom Ellis lend his voice to an animated Lucifer Morningstar?  I would even go as far as to say, give me a short on the upcoming revival of DC Showcase and see where that goes.  DC and WB are doing some wonderful things, and telling some great stories, in their animated film division.  Why not add this to the list?

The bottom line here is, it's not just the fans that are passionate about these two characters.  Matt Ryan has said numerous times, and to me personally, how much he enjoys playing John Constantine.  When I talked to Tom Ellis before the Lucifer Season 1 finale years ago, he expressed the same joy for playing Lucifer Morningstar.  I'm sure he still feels the same way.  So as Lucifans try to process what is next for their beloved characters, it could be time to do something new and exciting once the current story ends.  Who's with me?

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