What To Expect From ‘Lucifer’ Season 6 (SPOILER FREE)

There are few fanbases, and few series, that have fought harder to get to this point than Lucifer.  The series rose from the ashes on more than one occasion, found new life and always managed to up it's game.  Now we are days away from the true end, and like you, I don't feel ready.  It's hard to say goodbye to such an amazing cast and a wonderfully written story.  There have been so many laughs, so many tears and plenty of unforgettable moments.  Yes, I'm stalling, but it's time to get down to it.  I got a chance to see the final season of Lucifer a bit early, and while I can't drop any of the juicy details, I can give you an idea of what to expect.

(WARNING!  No Season 6 spoilers, but there will likely be spoilers for previous seasons below.)

There is definitely a main theme surrounding this season, and it's finding your purpose.  After all, Lucifer himself has chosen to become God, with Chloe at his side.  Maze has also chosen the love of her life, and possibly a new career path of her own.  Amenadiel makes a surprise announcement in the very first episode of the season.  There might even be some surprises in store for Ella as well.  So get ready for a lot of stories coming from a lot of different angles.

What I found interesting about this season is that, while forging all of these new paths, the writers were still able to stay true to the essence of each character.  You'll find Lucifer dealing with his problems in classic Lucifer fashion, for example.  At it's core, that is what has always made this series great.  It's the way that, no matter what gets thrown at them, they never stray from being the characters that we love.  That doesn't mean that there won't still be a few bumps in the road, it's happened before.  That's not to say that there won't be some surprises, as well.  Just know that, you'll find the essence of the core characters is still there.

We'll also meet a few new faces along the way.  The LAPD brings in a new detective, Carol Carbett, played by Scott Porter.  Since Chloe's new gig is somewhat more celestial, someone still has to solve cases.  You'll be happy to know that Detective Carbett fits right in, and will certainly not be able to escape Lucifer's hijinks.  You'll see more of that in the second and third episodes of this season.  Not to spoil anything, but you'll also find that Carbett has some other interests with another member of the team.  He is definitely a welcome addition.

Another new cast member that you'll meet is one that I can't say too much about without spoiling anything.  What, did you think that things were just going to go smoothly and the new God would just fly up into the heavens?  No, there is someone who has other plans and is going to some very devious lengths to carry them out.  The identity of this character is one of the big shocks of the season, and it might hit a little hard at first.  What it does stir up is some interesting question and really drives some of the more compelling episodes of the season.  Whether or not it all comes together is something you'll have to see for yourself.

This is a team of writers, actors and producers that definitely know what the fans want.  There are plenty of laughs, more music and even an animated episode this time around.  I can't think of a single thing that this series hasn't done.  The best part is that it never feels forced.  Everything that is done is carefully crafted to move the story forward.  So yes you'll laugh plenty, maybe get a bit angry and even shed a few tears before the final episode is complete.

I'll have more thoughts coming up on Episode 384 of our podcast.  That's where I will share more about how I felt about the season and what I'll remember most about the series as a whole.  I hope you'll check back for that on the same day that Season 6 of Lucifer premiere on Netflix, September 10th.

Photo Credit:  John P. Fleenor/Netflix