Well This Bites! The Passage Canceled By Fox

This was news that I was really dreading, and today it happened. Fox has decided to cancel The Passage after only one season. The show was set for a major time jump in Season 2 and a story that was sure to ramp up. Now that cliffhanger will go unresolved.

I say that this was something I was dreading because the writing was on the wall. The show drew a 0.7 rating in it’s two hour finale. To be fair, the decision was made to move up the finale later in the season to make it two hours. So a show that was already fighting an uphill battle, that was another obstacle to overcome. Monday night is a tough night for any freshman TV series, going up against The Voice and an already strong CBS line-up. It was clear to me that The Passage was a show that deserved more viewers than it was getting. I hoped that Fox would try it on another night, but that never happened. You also have to consider that Fox TV, after the Disney merger in the film division, said they will be moving to a lot more sports and live programming. That means fewer spots, and again made it tough for The Passage.

While I’m sure there will be a social media campaign to save the show, there has been no official word about trying to shop The Passage to another network. I know it’s a hollow victory, but at least fans do have The Passage books to lean on to get some closure. Just make sure you start with the first book. As you know, we spent a lot of time talking about The Passage and talking to the cast. This was a great show, with a compelling story, that deserved a better chance to shine. I can’t wait to see what the incredible Saniyya Sydney, who played Amy, will do next. She is a star in the making, and she showed that in every episode. I don’t think we have heard the last of Brianne Howey either, not by a long shot.

I’m not giving up hope completely, but it really was a great effort for an ambitious series. So we will keep #SaveThePassage alive and hope for the best.