We Unbox ‘Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season’ On Blu-Ray

(NOTE: The Blu-Ray was provided by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment for promotional purposes.  Any thoughts and opinions expressed here or in the attached video are our own.)

It was a big season on Arrow this past year.  Oliver went to prison, we flashed forward to 2040 and said a goodbye or two.  Now it's almost time to re-live all of that!  'Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season' is coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray/Digital Combo on Tuesday, August 20th.  Warner Bros. Home Entertainment was kind enough to give us this advanced copy, so we could give you a peek inside!  Check it out:

You can check out our original story on the release as well, and even catch some reviews of episodes we did throughout Season 7.  Here's an episode list of what is coming in this Blu-Ray:

1.   Inmate 4587
2.   Longbow Hunters
3.   Crossing Lines
4.   Level Two
5.   The Demon
6.   Due Process
7.   The Slabside Redemption
8.   Unmasked
9.   Elseworlds: Hour One
10.Elseworlds: Hour Two
11.Elseworlds: Hour Three
12.My Name is Emiko Queen
14.Emerald Archer
16.Brothers & Sisters
17.Training Day
19. Inheritance
24. You Have Saved This City

You can also hear our interviews with the cast and producers from SDCC 2018!  Get your copy of Arrow Season 7 on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital to prepare for the upcoming final season.