Watch The First 9 Minutes of ABC’s ‘Emergence’

You may have seen a trailer for the new drama Emergence from ABC. You might have also heard our interviews from the press room at SDCC 2019. Now ABC is giving all fans their longest look yet at the new series.

Watch the first 9 minutes of Emergence right here:

Just in case you need more info, Emergence follows Jo (Allison Tolman), a police chief, takes in a young child she finds near the site of a mysterious accident, she soon discovers the girl has no memory of what has happened or who she is. The investigation into the history that led up to the the accident — and questions as to how and why it happened — draws the woman into a conspiracy larger than she ever imagined, with the child’s identity at the center of it.

Emergence premieres September 24th on ABC.

Photo Credit: Down And Nerdy Podcast