Valiant Releases ‘Year Of The Heroes’ Video With New Looks At Upcoming Titles

Valiant has one of the best catalogue of heroes in comics. If you don’t believe me, you’re not reading as many of their books as you should be. Whether it’s the Bloodshot movie on March 13th, or new titles coming to your local comic book shop, Valiant has dubbed this the “Year of the Heroes”. Check out this new video they released today:

So, now we know that new Shadowman and Savage titles are coming. We also got to see a bunch of new artwork. If you haven’t gotten in to Valiant yet, trust me, 2020 is a good time to start. Good news is Bloodshot, Rai and Quantum & Woody are all available now. As for the rest, Doctor Tomorrow will be out February 19th, X-O Manowar on March 25th, The Final Witness on April 29th and both Shadowman and Savage later this year.

Keep checking back for reviews and more info on new titles.

Photo Credit: Valiant Entertainment