Valiant Now Developing Video Games With New Partnership

Valiant Entertainment has expanded quite a bit in the last year. They released their first movie trailer with Bloodshot, the Quantum & Woody series is still coming along and now we get some great news just before Christmas. Valiant Entertainment has teamed up with Blowfish Studios to develop video games based on their massive list of characters.

It seems like ever since DMG Entertainment has taken control, Valiant has taken their stories beyond the page. According to this press release, Valiant’s comic book sales were up 10%. That means more and more fans will be interested in seeing these characters elsewhere.

Blowfish Studios Head of Publishing said, “Getting the chance to work with Valiant’s Universe will certainly bring forth some refreshing new experiences for fans and gamers alike to explore.”

Which Valiant character should get the video game treatment first?

Photo Credit: Valiant Entertainment