Valiant Gets ‘Savage’ This February

UPDATE: Savage will now be released in February of 2021.  Find out more about the story in the original story below.

You know what they say about the city sometimes: “It’s a jungle out there.” Well, what if you literally just came from one. Valiant Entertainment is set to bring a new Savage story this June, and it’s headed to the real world.

The story comes from writer Max Bemis, with art from Nathan Stockman. While there will be a lot of action, it’s clear that there will be a real world element to this, as well. According to the synopsis: ” Kevin Sauvage, aka Savage, grew up on a remote island populated by bloodthirsty dinosaurs and terrifying marauders. The wild child knew only one thing: survival. Now, he’s living in London and has become a breakout viral sensation. As Savage learns to live in his new environment, a taste of home comes to London as dinosaurs invade the city! It’s time for Savage to do what he does best: hunt!”

From the statements provided by Valiant, no one seems more excited than Stockman to work on this book. He says, “This series is everything I love about comics. It’s big action, laughs, and a great story. Every page has something I enjoy drawing and hopefully that energy will translate to the readers. I want them to have as much fun reading as I’m having drawing!”

Bemis adds, “SAVAGE is the biggest story I’ve ever told. As in it’s my aesthetic turned up to eleven and crammed into the skin of a summer blockbuster film. If you dig the more fun and up-tempo stuff I’ve done like Worst X-Man Ever, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.”

We can’t wait to see this tale of dinosaurs and obsessed fans when Savage hits local comic book shops on June 17, 2020. Keep checking back for our review and more.

Photo Credits: Valiant