Valiant Brings ‘Ninjak’ Back In 2021 With A New Creative Team

It feels like it has been far too long since Colin King graced the pages of Valiant Comics with his own title. This might be his biggest challenge yet, just on scope alone. Heroic Hollywood was the first to report that a new Ninjak title is coming from a new creative team in 2021.

Writer Jeff Parker (X-Men: First Class) teams with artist Javier Pulido (The Amazing Spider-Man) for this new story that leaves Ninjak and MI6 exposed. The two had worked together before on, but only on a single Marvel title, so this will be a chance to really dive a bit deeper. Parker did offer a tease of what to expect.

“I don’t want to give too much away about the storyline of DAYLIGHT just yet. But it’s rude to not at least hint so: Colin King is going to see the mighty institution he’s served most of his career, MI6, turned inside out and left vulnerable to all its enemies, and the same happens to him. It’s extremely hard to be a ninja or spy when all your secrets are exposed. Over the year Ninjak is going to experience a serious paradigm shift”

We might even get to see Ninjak in some new places, as well. I’m guessing it will be hard to be a spy if your secret is out there. So will we see him on the run a bit? Maybe he will take up the mantle of protecting everyone at MI6 that was exposed? I’m just a Ninjak fan, so I’m excited either way.

Ninjak #1 will be available some time in 2021. Keep checking back for an updated release date and more details.

Photo Credit: Valiant Entertainment