Valiant Announces New ‘Rai’ Ongoing Series

It looks like Valiant will be staying in the 41st century for a bit longer. The publisher has announced a new ‘Rai’ ongoing series, coming in November of 2019.

Dan Abnett will take on writing duties, with art from Juan José Ryp (‘X-O Manowar’). The creative team is rounded out with colors by Andrew Dalhouse (‘The Flash’), letters by Dave Sharpe (‘X-O MANOWAR’), and covers by Juan, Adam Pollina (‘FALLEN WORLD’), and José Ladrönn (‘Planet Hulk’). There was no synopsis, but Valiant did release this logline: “The cyborg samurai, Rai, embarks on a thrilling quest to save the future in a journey that will introduce new worlds, new characters, and gripping adventures.”

Rai was prominently featured in Valiant’s recent ‘Fallen World’ limited series. The character also took center stage in the major event series, ‘4001 A.D.’ It seems like things will be branching out a bit in this new ongoing. The first issue will be available at local comic book shops and digital retailers on November 20, 2019. For a look at more interior art, check out the Valiant website.

Photo Credit: Valiant Entertainment

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