Valiant Announces New Doctor Mirage Comic Series

We have seen quite a list of characters finally getting their own solo series from Valiant recently. Livewire and Punk Mambo are just a couple of recent examples, and they have been very good too by the way. Now it’s time to see dead people…or is it.

i09 was the first to report today that a Doctor Mirage solo comic coming in August. The creative team is stellar, with Magdalene Visaggio writing, Nick Robles providing the art and Jordie Bellaire bringing the colors. Doctor Mirage has been a recent fixture in Valiant’s Incursion limited series with the Eternal Warrior and the Geomancer. That story wraps up later this month.

It sounds like this story will center around Shan Fong not being able to see dead people anymore. That also means not being able to see her late husband Hwen, so this is much more than a lost connection to the Deadside. Speaking with i09, Visaggio says, “Her grief right now is denial. For the first time in her life she’s utterly, uncontrollably alone. She’s been trying to school herself in the magical arts to figure out a way to do what she’s done before because she thinks that tapping back into the Deadside will make her problems go away. She thinks that she can bring Hwen back, but she doesn’t really see quite yet is that one of the biggest things standing in her way right now is her own trauma.” It sounds like Shan will try to use all of her magic to restore this connection, but how that will play out remains to be seen.

Issue 1 of Doctor Mirage will be available August 28, 2019.