‘Umbrella Academy’ Gave An Impromptu, Behind The Scenes Look At Season 2

It seems like the buzz surrounding The Umbrella Academy hasn’t stopped since Season 1 was released. The show also knows how to take care of it’s fans during this break between seasons. Speaking of which, Justin Min took over the show’s official Twitter page to go behind the scenes of the upcoming season. See for yourself:

Keep looking through the replies, there are some more photos mixed in. Some show scenes being filmed, there are some goofy ones and even a rollercoaster. Sure it’s not much, but it shows just how much fun everyone is having on this show. As a fan myself, it makes me want to watch even more knowing that the cast is having such a good time. Very few details have been released for Season 2, so I’ll take anything that I can get.

Don’t forget that The Umbrella Academy also has Funko POP figures coming and a new game, as well. How excited are you for all this great Academy goodness?

Photo Credit: Netflix