‘Ultra City Smiths’ Brings Stop Motion Animation To AMC+

When you think AMC, you probably think top notch drama like The Walking Dead universe or Better Call Saul.  You might have noticed that they're getting a bit more into comedy recently.  As a matter of fact, if you're an AMC+ subscriber, there is a new stop motion animated series coming with an all star cast.  Check out the first trailer for Ultra City Smiths.

It's almost like True Detective met Robot Chicken, and they decided to start a doll collection.  This looks like a really fun noir detective satire, and the stop motion looks top notch.  As far as the synopsis goes:  "The six-episode series hinges on an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of fictional metropolis Ultra City’s most famous magnate (Smith). Two intrepid detectives (Simpson and Randolph) follow the case, rallying to fight against their city’s dangerous corruption, at a high cost to themselves and their families, all in pursuit of a gentler place to call home."

The series was created for AMC Studios by Steve Conrad (Patriot, Perpetual Grace) and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (Robot Chicken, Crossing Swords).  Remember I mentioned a top notch cast?  You saw some of the names in the trailer, now take a look at some of the character descriptions to go along with that:

  • CARPENTER K. SMITH (Kurtwood Smith) - Ultra City’s Last Bright Hope. Aspiring to make the city a gentler place via his bid for Mayor and his extraordinary wealth. But now no one can find him.
  • CHRIS PECKER (Dax Shepard) - Husband of Donella Pecker. Buffoon, Opportunist, Congressman. Has a deep affinity for artistic self-nudes.
  • DAVID MILLS (Jimmi Simpson) - Rookie detective and partner of Gail Johnson. New transplant from a small town tasked with tracking down the missing Carpenter K. Smith. Host of multiple demons.
  • DONELLA PECKER (Kristen Bell) - Competent and compassionate government official. Hopes to help Ultra City become a safer place, but first she must deal with her childish husband, Congressman Chris Pecker.
  • DONOVAN SMITH (John C. Reilly) - Spoiled and flamboyant son of Carpenter K. Smith. Disco King of the Night. Utilizes his father’s wealth for pursuits such as employing day laborers to search for Big Foot so that they can be friends.
  • GAIL JOHNSON (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) - Veteran detective and partner of David Mills. Decorated, calm, no-nonsense. Married to her job to the possible detriment of her family life.
  • LADY ANDREA THE GIANT (Bebe Neuwirth) - Former Women’s Heavyweight Wrestling Champion of the World. Dedicated mother who will do anything to protect her child, even if it means wrestling a series of chimps.
  • LITTLE GRACE (Alia Shawkat) - The daughter of Lady Andrea the Giant. Unwittingly embroiled with the wrong people. Must contend with the harshness of this town and solve her predicament against all odds.
  • RODRIGO SMALLS (Luis Guzman) - Neighborhood crime lord. Disco owner. Soon-to-be father. Never hurt a 14 year old girl before, but may have to make an example out of Little Grace due to a mistaken transgression.
  • SISTER MARY MARGARET (Melissa Villaseñor) - Catholic nun whose charity runs the local men’s shelter. Not what meets the eye.
  • STREET HUSTLER BOY (Damon Herriman) - Male prostitute aging out of work. Desperate to find a way to rehabilitate his partner’s ailing health.
  • TRISH MCSAPPHIRE (Debra Winger) - Academy Award winning actress.

The first two episodes will premiere July 22nd on AMC+, then released weekly after that.  The six episode first season will actually debut this fall on AMC, but you'll be able to see it first on AMC+.  Keep in mind, AMC+ subscribers also get to watch the first episode of The Walking Dead Finale Trilogy a week early on August 5th as well.

Keep checking back for our review and additional coverage.

Photo Credit: AMC Studios